Blog 8

Overall, being in English 201 this summer has taught me many things that I have stressed in basically all of my other blogs. Mainly though I think that this class has taught me how to budget my time and not procrastinate on getting my work done. Last summer session I was in a class which was only lecture and tests, no outside work. It was super laid back and I just got to do whatever I wanted on the days after class. This session I am in two classes which both require outside work due multiple times per week. When the session first began I was kind of worried because I knew things would be so fast paced and different from what I had been used to. I recall reading the syllabus and thinking how much work it seemed like with blogs, discussions, and essays each week. One we got started on things though they really weren’t so bad. I definitely had to make lists and reminders of things I had to do for each day but all of our activities got a lot easier once we got the first week over with. I always came home from class and got my homework done first so I’d be able to use my time later for other things. Not saying I like homework or anything but I’m glad we had all of these activities to do because it helped me stay organized and on top of things instead of just being lazy. It also helped keep my mind working since we did so much work. Also on a side note, I feel like I will definitely take away some better peer review skills. I never really enjoyed peer review that much or felt like it helped me but after this class I know it helps a ton, you just have to be comfortable enough with people to edit their work and take their advice.


One thought on “Blog 8

  1. Kelsey,
    This class has taught me to budget my time as well. Last week, Ms. Warfield said we had to post our initial discussion board post on Monday, then do one response per day after that until we reach four posts total. This was much easier and less stressful then doing them all in one night. I have not been procrastinating as much as I usually do. Hopefully I continue not to in future classes I take. I found ENG 201 to be helpful, and I am glad you did as well.

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