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For my short essay three I chose to research eating disorders. I got three really good information filled books from the library that were great for the short essay and I knew this would provide me with plenty of information that I could use as an expanded final paper. It was kind of difficult me to choose only certain points of eating disorders to condense into two pages so I’m sure I will not have too much trouble trying to make a five to seven page paper. For the short essay I wrote about how body image is a big part of eating disorders and I wrote about the many warning signs people tend to exhibit. For the final paper, I plan going into more depth about each different disorder and the similarities, differences, and probably a few more things I haven’t thought of just yet. I really like how we’re supposed to use a lot of quotes in our writing because it makes the paper seem so much stronger. I plan on adding a lot more from all of my books instead of just the two I used for the short essay and I’ll probably check out another one or two from the library. I really wanted to use the research essay to turn into the final paper because I feel like it’s difficult to put so much research into only two pages. I wanted to write more about this and just expand on all of the information I found so people that read it get a more complete picture on the topic. I’m also really glad that we get to expand one of our previous essays into our final paper. It takes a lot of stress off of us instead of having to write a whole new full-length paper!


2 thoughts on “Final paper

  1. I was actually considering this topic as my research paper; I have a relatable experience with helping one of my friends through it. It is a great topic to write about because there are so many different aspects you can research about. Now day’s eating disorders is more prevalent in the media and celebrities. I thought it was a great idea how you narrowed down this broad topic in your short essay and now it will help you guide through your final essay.

    I think for my final essay I need to focus on finding relevant sources and using more quotes to back up my ideas. Writing the research paper was a little more difficult for me because there was so much information I did not know to concisely organize my paper. Yes it is a more of a relief expanding on one of our short essays because it gives me guidance to see what I need to research more about.

  2. Kelsey,
    I agree that it takes a lot of stress of not having to start from scratch. I knew from the beginning, however, that my research paper was ultimately going to be my final paper. I chose a topic that I have been following very closely in the news lately, and is something that I know I can write passionately about. I agree that it was very difficult to limit our original research paper to two pages. When there is so much to write about and I am interested in the topic, which I was, it makes it even more difficult. It will be nice to have more freeddom now. I am mostly inserting my personal views and opinions into what I already wrote for the short essay. Good luck with you paper!

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