My writing so far

So far in this class we have worked on three essays. I would say that the first two essays we have done have been the most challenging for me since I do not see myself as a very strong writer and the things we had to write about were different than what I’m used to. I really did enjoy the rhetorical analysis though, I just think it’s fun and interesting to look at an image and see what it’s trying to tell people and what techniques it uses to go about this. I think rhetorical analysis is also challenging because you can look at something a lot differently from someone else but it’s still cool. With the definition essay I had bit more trouble. The item that I brought in and had to write about was my wallet. It definitely does have meaning to me, just not as much as something else could have. It was kind of difficult to write about so I had to search for things to put in my essay but it was still an interesting topic to write about. I like how we had to write about the item we brought in though because some people brought in some really cool things so I’m sure their papers turned out well. For my final paper I am going to expand my research essay because I feel like this can be my strongest writing since I have written quite a few research papers in the past. Hopefully with everything we end up learning I finish with a good paper and my writing shows improvement from all of my other essays. All in all, this class has been a challenge for me but I know I am learning so much good information that will be beneficial for my writing from now on.


2 thoughts on “My writing so far

  1. I am learning a lot as well, especially when it comes to showing instead of telling in our writing. I am also learning how to be a better writer when I need to use quotes, and how to introduce my sources. I have never used a block quote before, but am using it in my current paper. Before this class, I had never learned the proper formats for that kind of stuff. This class will, without a doubt, help me in future writing assignments for other classes, as well as in my career when I have one.

  2. I liked our rhetorical analysis papers too. I thought it was cool to see what marketing teams go through everyday to determine what sells and what doesn’t. And even though you brought in your wallet, I remember reading your paper and you still made it work!

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