I have really enjoyed this English 201 class so far. I think the lessons we have done in class and the things we have learned, like thesis writing and also introduction writing, have had a good impact on what I have written so far. I’ve also enjoyed doing freewriting since we learned how to the first week of class, even though this is all probably just a huge jumble of my thoughts. I’ve learned some good new techniques so far too. I liked today how we went to the wildflower preserve and just got to observe things and write about details. It was seriously so fun to get out and not be in the classroom for a day. I like how Ms. Warfield likes us to have more fun and not just be sitting and listening all class. I feel like in this class we get to do a lot of interactive and interesting things, which is way more exciting than just a straight lecture class. Even though I’m still not a huge fan of English class I do enjoy coming to this one because of the activities we take part in. It’s nice to be able to talk to others about things we learn about and discuss our current papers with each other. I’m also not a person to really participate in discussions but I love hearing what others have to say. Other peoples opinions on things are so interesting, for example I really enjoyed the show and tell we did. We really got to learn a lot about what was important to our classmates which was cool, and it will be neat since we have to write our short essays about whatever item we brought in. Although this is the last English class I have to take I’m sure I will have many more papers to write so I will be keeping in mind all the things I have learned in class so far and will learn before it’s over!


5 thoughts on “Freewriting

  1. I’ve really enjoyed our class for the same reason. I feel like Miss. Warfield is very “outside of the box.” I’ve found that not only the most effective, but most liked teachers have this kind of creativity. I was nervous about allowing other classmates to read my papers, but I’ve found that the kind of vulnerability that comes when reading one another’s writing has the power to shape us for the better. As you mentioned at the beginning, I enjoy freewriting too. It seems to be a good method for doing a “brain dump.”

  2. I enjoy doing creative activities in class as well. It is definitely better than being bored sitting through a two hour lecture. Ms. Warfield is very enthusiastic about her teaching, this is another reason I chose to take her class again. It is hard to find a professor that can express their passion for a subject through their teaching. That is why its so important to hold on to them, once you find one. I also like how Ms. Warfiled gives us breaks throughout class. My statistics class did not do that last summer session and it was dreadful!

  3. Kelsey,
    Like you, I do not think I will be taking any more English classes at UNCW. I do, however, know that taking this class will help me write papers for other college classes, and will help me someday if I ever need to write anything for my job. You mentioned that you do not like participating a lot. I feel like I may participate too much and should consider sitting back more and listening to what other people have to say. I like to hear my own voice sometimes, and that is a weakness I have. Like you, I also enjoyed the show and tell. A photograph is hard to write an essay on, so I kind of wish I chose a different object. Most of my meaningful objects are at home and not at UNCW though.

  4. Ms Warfield is too funny! We both have kind of a cynical sense of humor, so I’m always laughing at her jokes. She also makes the class more into the lesson. She’s got a lot of charisma, and that attitude makes it bearable, and plus her class is it the perfect time a day to me. Not too early, not too late, so I’m generally in a better mood whenever I come to class. I generally don’t like group activities, but she’s made them more bearable to deal with, and everyone in the class is cool, so that makes it easier as well. I enjoy free writing for the reason I can just get all my ideas on paper too. She and Elena are also good with helping us if we have problems, which I think REAL teachers do.

  5. Kelsey, I agree with you about going outside for Tuesday’s class. It was a good activity and really helped me focus on small details. I had never done an assignment like that and I thought it was entertaining and way better than being the classroom. I think everyone gets a little nervous when they share their ideas, it’s completely normal and I get a little anxious before I have to say something in front of the entire class as well. I think this class is a great environment to practice being more comfortable with sharing your ideas because Ms. Warfield initiates discussion and we get to know each other through peer review and other partner assignments.

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